Update to Weather Advisory Issued on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mostly cloudy skies can be expected as the Dynamics of the atmosphere has changed.

Synopsis: During the last 18 hrs, the tropical wave that was approaching Guyana has significantly reduced its velocity, now traveling at approximately 12 kt (6m/s). At 2:00 hrs the system was still analysed over Western Suriname. In addition, the entrance to the Sub-tropical Jet has since migrated out of the area. As the upper level trough continues to approach Guyana from the West, an area of confluencing is expected to affect the western Regions. With this configuration, it is expected that as the tropical wave passes Guyana, deep convection is likely to be suppressed.

Associated weather: Mostly cloudy skies are likely to be experienced throughout Guyana. Coastal Regions 3 to 6 and parts of Regions 9 and 10 can also expect light to moderate showers and possible isolated thundershowers. All other locations can expect scattered light to moderate showers.

As a result of the atmospheric changes, twelve hours accumulated rainfall amounts are expected between 10 mm and 35 mm over Regions 3 to 6, 9 and 10 and between 5 mm and 20 mm elsewhere. In addition, the twenty-four hours accumulated rainfall is expected to range between 15 mm and 45 mm.

The National Weather Watch Center will continue to closely monitor this event and will issue updates as the need arises.