Hydromet Department pushes for well-drilling compliance -in keeping with the Water and Sewerage

The Hydromet Department today officially launched a campaign to ensure Wells operating across Guyana are registered in keeping with the Department’s mandate under the Water and Sewerage Act, 2002. The Hydromet Department is responsible for the management and monitoring of all surface and groundwater resources in Guyana.

Chief Hydromet Officer (ag), Dr. Garvin Cummings stated that the initiative will contribute positively to water resources management in Guyana. The registration of wells is the first step in the broader framework of managing our water resources.


Chief Hydromet Officer (ag), Dr. Garvin Cummings

 “The first function that the Department is mandated to discharged under the Water and Sewerage Act is the establishment, management, and operationalization of national systems to monitor the availability, quality, and use of surface water and ground water. The Act further mandates the Department to establish a national hydrometeorological database which includes the establishment of a hydrological information system,” Dr. Cummings said.

The Law stipulates that all persons intending to drill wells, divert or in any way affect surface water in any significant manner must first acquire a license from the Hydrometeorological Department- an arm of the Ministry of Agriculture. This is done following clearance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other relevant agencies.

According to the CHO, failing to have the said license required or following procedures outlined by the Department, before engaging in such practice, will result in prosecution.

“This first step will, therefore, allow the Department to identify users of the country’s groundwater resources. Thereafter the Department will be able to gather further data and information on their operations which will set the foundation for the development of a national groundwater monitoring system,” Dr. Cummings stated.

The Department will be instituting a grace period of six months to ensure all stakeholders comply with the regulations, by having their wells registered.

If additional information is needed the department can be contacted on Tel# 225-9303, 223-7275; 227-2463, visit the Hydromet website at www.hydromet.gov.gy or the Office at 18 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown.