CDF Phase 2 Stakeholder Consultation exercise kicks off -farmers encouraged to produce for available market

Inclusive governance is a pre-requisite to the successful implementation and development of agricultural projects and with this in mind, several farmers in Regions 4 and 5 were today given an update on the status of the Caricom Development Fund (CDF) Phase 2 project, during a Stakeholder Consultation exercise.

The Rural Agricultural Infrastructure Development (RAID) projects which target farmers within Co-op’s in Itica, Mocha, Buxton and BV/Triumph will see the Ministry of Agriculture assisting in not only the clearing of land to ensure farmers go back to their land but also training in the areas of crop production.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. George Jervis in underscoring the importance of Agriculture stated that the project will see close partnership being undertaken between the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture.

A section of the consultation

A section of the gathering

“This is important in ensuring that we not only have value for money but that they are satisfied with the works which are being undertaken as they are the immediate beneficiaries,” he said.

Project Specialist, CDF, Mr. Errol Babb (via Skype) spoke of the importance of having the input of farmers and the feedback which will ensure the success of the project.

He added that due to working with Guyana in the part, the CDF is adamant that the project will not only be a success story for others to follow but one which will derive the desired benefits over the next few years.

Apart from the infrastructural work which will be done, the farmers group will also benefit from training by the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) and the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) in the areas  of marketing, crop  production, soil analysis, pest and disease management, proper animal husbandry and new technology advancement.

A section of the persons who attended the CDF Stakeholders' Consultation

During the consultation exercise, Project Coordinator, Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU), Mr. Khemlall Alvin used the opportunity to discuss the ‘Farm Model and Market Strategy’ documents where were created by the Ministry of Agriculture to assist farmers.

According to Mr. Alvin which completed, the documents will be a useful tool in assisting farmers to not only adopt the right agricultural technology but also to chose the best crop suitable to soil type and market availability.