Ministry of Agriculture Hydrometeorological Centre urges citizens to take precautions against flooding -forecasts heavy rainfall over the next five days

The National Weather Watch Centre, Ministry of Agriculture is advising the public to take precautionary measures against flooding/ water accumulation based on the current forecast outlook from the Hydrometeorological Centre, Guyana. Heavy rainfall is anticipated for Sunday December 25, 2016 to Wednesday December 28, 2016. Coastal and inland Guyana is likely to experience periodic heavy downpours tomorrow during the early morning, flooding/ water accumulation are likely to be observed in poor drainage, low laying and riverine areas.

Regions 3 to 5 and to a lesser extent, Region 2 and Northern Region 6 are most likely to be affected as rainfall amount in these Regions are more likely to exceed 100 mm. With the forecasted weather conditions coupled with the high tides, coastal areas may experience prolonged water accumulations / flooding in poor drainage, low lying and riverine areas added to that of recent rains.

Additionally, the next period of above normal High Tides will begin from Monday December 26, 2016 between 50.0 mm to 80.0 mm. These weather patterns and conditions will continue over the next few days (Monday through Wednesday) with the occasional heavy downpours, where another peak in rainfall is anticipated for Wednesday over areas in Regions 7 to 10 and some coastal areas in Regions 2, 4 and 5.

This weather forecast is due to the development of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) which has developed along Guyana’s coast within the last 24 hours. The weather forecasts favors generally overcast conditions with moderate to heavy rain for the morning into early afternoon, after which will see a slow but gradual reduction in showers.

The ITCZ is the broad area of low atmospheric pressure where the Northeasterly and Southeasterly Trade Winds converge over the Equatorial region, extending approximately 10° North and Southof the Equator. Warm, humid air that converges there rises and cools, forming clouds and frequent, heavy showers.