Local agro-processors optimistic of industry’s success

Local agro-entrepreneurs are upbeat about the future of agro-processing in Guyana. The Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) today, held a fair on the Avenue of the Republic for businesses to showcase their products, and it was there participants expressed their optimism for the sector’s future.


Members of the public and Sandra Craig of SS Natural fruit flavor Barbeque sauce discussing her products

One of GMC’s major roles is collaborating with stakeholders for the development of agri-businesses so as realise their full potential. The fair was held as a part of the movement to create linkages, and to strengthen agriculture and marketing strategies.

Sandra Craig of SS Natural fruit flavour Barbeque sauce, said her business originated on Orange Walk, Bourda. She currently has seven flavours of sauce, and looks forward to her business growing and Guyanese supporting her.


Patrons at the Guyana Marketing Corporation’s Street Fair

Diana Powell of Pleasurable Flavours from Linden said she is looking forward to the marketing benefits of the fair. The company’s products include pepper sauce, sweet pepper sauce, fruits for cake – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, tamarind balls, and all-purpose sauce. Powell expressed gratitude to the GMC for helping to market the business.

Paul Warner, a sales representative of Jet’s Enterprise, said they offer a wide range of products; nonie Juice, capadulla beverage – “The Back Tonic”, and various fruit concentrates like cherry, sorrel, guava, and ginger beer. The company has been around since 1990 and sells its products locally and internationally.

All products can be found at the Guyana Shop located in Georgetown at the corners of Alexander and Robb Streets, Lacytown. The shop offers customers a unique shopping experience while promoting local products.