Stakeholders at National Climate Outlook Forum- weather forecast to be tailored for simpler presentation

The Hydrometerological Service of Guyana in collaboration with the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology today hosted the Second National Climate Outlook Forum (NCOF), at the Regency Hotel with the aim of sensitizing stakeholders in the agriculture, public health and energy sectors, tourism among others on the advances in climatic changes and the Ozone among other areas.


Acting Chief Hydro- Met Officer Dr. Garvin Cummings

The NCOF will serve as a key national platform for promoting dialogue and inter agency coordination in responding to national hazards, climate variability, extremes in change of weather. It is expected to help providers’ package climate information to the needs of the stakeholders and to communicate uncertainties in climate prediction.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture George Jervis, in his remarks said that he trusts that the activities that were being done today will help move those that are present, “a step forward in strengthening their ability to do exactly what they are paid to do if they are to move this country forward”.

Jervis explained that the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) has five priority sectors which are: Agriculture and food security water, health, disaster reduction and energy.  The Permanent Secretary noted that predictions in weather forecast are very important. “Prediction has it benefits, without the absence of prediction you would have the permanent state of readiness on the one hand or be caught unaware on the other hand”, he said.

Acting Chief Hydro- Met Officer Dr. Garvin Cummings in his remarks said that the forum was being held with the various stakeholders so that they can present the weather forecast for the next season.

Dr. Cummings elaborated that some of the terms that meteorologists use are sometimes hard to understand; so from this forum, the stakeholders will help the Meteorological and Hydrometerological office to present the forecast that is easy to understand to the various stakeholders.

“The message that we get out to the public is the message that we want to send but at the same time it should be tailored with all of the various stakeholders that we have here in Guyana” Dr. Cummings explained.

He pointed out that they are not just looking to present a seasonal forecast but a general one and some of the critical areas stakeholders are representing are in the agriculture, public health and energy sectors.

Dr. Cummings pointed out that they are expecting the rainy season to begin in November and one of the things they will be paying attention to is the short duration of rainfall that causes flooding.

The National Climate Outlook Fora are recognized as key components of the GFCS at the national level. Guyana has been identified by GFCS partners as a focus   for comprehensive multi stakeholder support.

Today’s forum is a step towards a regular systematic and coordinated process of climate risk management to be led by the Hydrometerological Service Office.

The NCOF held its first National Climate Outlook Forum in May of this year.