Agriculture Ministry staff benefit from Republic Bank, SPR and First Aid workshops

The staff of the Ministry of Agriculture were today given the opportunity to participate in two workshops which saw representatives of Republic Bank educating participants on their various ongoing promotions and Trained CPR facilitators demonstrating the proper techniques involved in first aid and CPR.

The workshops took place in the boardroom of the ministry and saw persons from all agencies within the Agriculture Ministry taking part.

The sessions were coordinated by the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Administration), Ministry of Agriculture Ms Joylyn Burrows and was seen as a necessary exercise for the staff as officers who operate in the field may need to administer first aid or CPR if an accident occurs.

“The importance of workplace safety and health cannot be overemphasized and the Ministry is very invested in the health and wellbeing of our employees. This is why I saw it necessary to have such an exercise where the staff can experience the training and know what to do if they are ever in a situation where someone is injured. These types of exercises can help persons save lives.” Ms Burrows indicated.

The staff were educated on various promotions and services offered by Republic bank like their ‘Deal On Wheels’ promotion and the various loan plans available. Additionally, the participants were given a chance to have a practical lesson on how to apply bandages and what steps to take of a person had deep lacerations or is not breathing.