Agriculture Minister to attend high-level food, nutrition meeting in Peru.

(Ministry of Agriculture, June 20, 2016) – Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder will be attending the first international meeting of Ministers and high-level officials on Sustainable Agriculture for the Strengthening of Food and Nutrition Security in Lima, Peru from June 22-23, 2016.

Some of the issues that will be discussed during the meeting are the International Vision for global phenomena or trends related to agriculture and rural Life. This seeks to promote sustainable agriculture and to further strengthen food and nutrition security in Latin America and the Caribbean by adopting and exchanging information on policies developed by participating countries.

The aim of this is to facilitate agreements between member state countries to further fight against poverty, eradication of hunger, reduction of environmental impacts and the promotion of socio-economic development opportunities for developing nations.

Additionally, the meeting will address the scope and impacts of natural disasters which are increasingly affecting agriculture and food and nutrition security in the region.

Another item on the agenda is the adoption of medium and long- term policies, enabling each country to achieve its development goals. The objectives are to advance the further promotion of sustainable use of natural resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the reduction of risks that affect agriculture and food security.

The meeting will see national discussions being held to identify cooperation needs at all levels which will focus on major challenges and opportunities for the region including the development of effective agri-environmental policies and adaptation to climate change.

Some other key areas to be discussed are the ways in which all participating countries can work together to design policies to promote more sustainable agriculture, identify opportunities for south-south cooperation between countries in the region, identify synergies and joint actions among multilateral agencies and international non-governmental organisations and climate change-risk and opportunities for agriculture.