Plans are on the way for Agriculture Month 2016

Plans are on the way for Agriculture Month 2016

  • Minister Holder meets with heads of departments to discuss activities


Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, today met with the heads of the agriculture sector agencies to discuss a number of critical plans as it relates to the upcoming Agriculture Month activities. Agriculture month is scheduled for October and will see the ministry showcasing all aspects of the agriculture sector. As part of agriculture month, the Government of Guyana will also be observing National Tree Day. This will be observed on the October 1st in Lethem.

Some of the activities carried out during Agriculture month are The World Food Day Fair, Inter-Faith Services, school awareness competitions, NAREI open day, Ministry of Agriculture Healthy Cook-Off, etc. The aim of Agriculture month is to bring sensitization of the importance of the agriculture sector to an economy as a whole; taking into consideration the needs of all categories of citizens. The activities are also designed to attract persons from all walks of life as activities are conducted in all regions of Guyana.

Minister Holder meets with heads of department to discuss Agriculture Month activities