Approval of contracts in accordance with GRDB Act

-says GRDB, General Manager

The process of selecting possible markets have and continues to be a transparent process carried out by the Guyana Rice Development Board.

General Manager, Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) Mr. Nizam Hassan in an invited comment maintained that the GRDB has never acted outside of the law.

“The GRDB act states clearly the procedure which should be take when entering into a contract for the supply and sale of paddy and other products of paddy” Hassan said.

Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) was established in 1994 for the purposes of providing regulations for the manufacture and marketing of rice, for securing effectively the development of the rice industry and for matters connected to the benefit of the industry.

Since its formation, the authority has been providing research and development services in the areas of agronomy, plant pathology, plant breeding, extension, quality control, logistics and marketing.

The GRDB Act, Sections 41 states clearly that approval of contracts for exports of paddy or its byproduct, has to be submitted to the Board for approval, subsequently which a contract will be prepared only in accordance with the terms and conditionality approved by the Board.

“The Guyana Rice Development Board continues to be vigilant not only in the areas of research and development, but also through the monitoring of markets and prices on the international level,” he said.

This, Hassan noted is to ensure that Millers and farmers at large receive the best possible price.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer