Guyana continues to maintain status of “Free of Foot and Mouth Disease”

  • Simulation exercises ongoing

The Ministry of Agriculture wishes to inform the general public to not be alarmed about Foot and Mouth disease returning to Guyana. Guyana was declared free of the contagious viral disease that affects cattle and sheep, causing ulceration of the hoofs and around the mouth.

In keeping with efforts to maintain this status, there is presently a simulation exercises being conducted at a farm close to the Suriname border.

The presence of the disease in neighboring countries poses a direct threat to Guyana, mainly through the legal and illegal movement of livestock, livestock products and the movement of people.

In addition, the disease is present in large parts of Asia, Africa and Europe which are trading partners with Guyana – the virus could inadvertently appear in Guyana; hence the exercise.

However, Guyanese can rest assured the country is free of the disease as the relevant authorities continue to successfully maintain its status through surveillance studies done by the Ministry of Agriculture.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer