Brazilian firm invests in local commercial soybean production

Brazilian firm, New Frontier Agriculture Incorporated will be commencing a large scale commercial production of soybean in Ebini, Region 10 shortly.

Dr. Oudho Homenauth, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that “the investment…is coming to fruition, the investors are going there (to the site) within a week’s time…to begin operations, and we can have for the first time a large scale investment.”

During the exclusive interview he explained that, “we know that in the savannahs there are investments, about 50 acres. Progressively we hope that they (New Frontier Agriculture Inc.) would at least be doing 200 acres commercially this year.”

NAREI has begun preparatory works to facilitate this investment. Dr. Homenauth pointed out that, “Our focus at Ebini would be the development of a nursery, which will happen, I suspect, before the middle of the year, the reason being because we have to go through the process of advertising and so on. We will also be expanding our orchard that will be further increased by at least 10 acres.”

The expansion of the orchard (an orchard is an intentional planting of trees or shrubs that is maintained for food production) the CEO explained, is to better exemplify the way planting should be done.

He further, highlighted that there are many young entrepreneurs, who may want to get into agriculture, but may not have the knowledge of crops and production. This orchard is expected to serve as a guide for those individuals. 


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer