Aquaculture to be pushed in 2016

Aquaculture holds much potential, and this has been recognised by the government and will be further advanced with the promotion of artesian fishery.

Artesian fisheries are small scale ventures which are done for subsistence or small markets notably in developing countries. They usually involve small boats and traditional fishing techniques.

Such type of fisheries is vital for Guyanese livelihoods and will employ more human resources, in contrast to commercial fisheries. Additionally, these artesian fisheries will place significant effect on marine ecosystems.

Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder observed that, “artesian fishery is very important to this subsector, and it is the major player, providing a relatively cheap source in animal protein.”

A feasibility study will be undertaken in the aquaculture sector according to Holder, who admitted, “that our fishing industry in Guyana is contracting and we need to work together to address the issues, to find solutions and save it, and we need to do this now.”

Meanwhile, Minister Holder acknowledged the dangers facing those employed in the fisheries sector, piracy being an example. To make the environment safer, measures are being put in place to handle perpetrators.

Aquaculture has been practiced by hinterland residents, and its development and promotion will continue.

The Guyana National Fisherfolk Organisation (NFO) was launched last October to create a more efficient fishing industry.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer