Region Nine’s agriculture to be pushed- 4,000 acres State lands to open up

Among initiatives to propel agriculture in the hinterland is development of 4,000 acres of state land in Region Nine that will be used to construct an agriculture station.

The venture is experimental, and will be used for sustainable harvesting of surface water for agriculture in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region. The land will be used for raising small ruminants and cattle, and for rice and vegetable cultivation. Aquaculture is expected to be done as well. This was revealed during the presentation of the 2016 National Budget by Finance Minister, Winston Jordan.

In other developments for the hinterland, over $598M has been allocated to enhance diversified agriculture in the intermediate and Rupununi savannahs. Riverine areas are also slated to benefit.

Diversification is being pursued as it is expected to make the agricultural sector more resilient to economic shocks.

Several training, research and extension facilities in Hosororo, Ebini and Bina Hill among others are proposed. This will promote sustainable food production systems that can help maintain the ecosystem and strengthen the capacity for adaptation to climate change, drought, flooding and other disasters.

In total, $20.3B has been allocated to the agricultural sector to create an economic environment in which farming and agro-processing operations can grow the economy and create employment.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer