Agri sector budget allocation focuses on pushing hinterland farming – Minister Holder lauds move

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder is pleased with the $20.3 B allocated for the agriculture sector in the 2016 National Budget. He noted that it would advance the government’s programme of agricultural development in the hinterland.

The Coalition Government’s vision for agriculture by 2020 is to promote the sector as a wealth generator and entrepreneurial enterprise, producing food and non-food commodities to meet the needs of the country and Guyana’s regional and international partners.  According to Finance Minister Winston Jordan during the presentation of the budget, “Issues of national and regional food security mandate that we must diversify into new crops and open up new lands for agriculture in areas not prone to flooding.”

It was put to the House, by the Finance Minister, that the Ministry of Agriculture has adopted a strategy which focuses on five Fs: food security, fiber and nutritious food, fuel production, fashion and health products, and furniture and craft. “In this budget, we are putting forward a set of practical action plans, linked to measurable targets, in all of these five areas”.

In total, $20.3 billion has been allocated to the agricultural sector to create an economic environment in which farming and agro-processing operations can grow the economy and create employment.

 More than $598 million has been allocated to enhance diversified agriculture in the hinterland, riverain communities and the intermediate and Rupununi savannahs.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer