Agriculture Minister meets with European Rice Investors -welcomes research for new higher yielding varieties

Government remains steadfast in its quest to not only development rice lines which are blast and disease resistant and results in higher yields, but to also attract additional markets to offset Guyana’s growing production levels.

Today, Agriculture Minister, Hon. Noel Holder, met with a team of European Investors to discuss future export agreements of rice and cargo paddy from Guyana to Europe.

Minister Noel Holder with Mr Bruno  Sempio (left of minister) and other officials at the meeting

Minister Noel Holder with Mr Bruno Sempio (left of minister) and other officials at the meeting

During the meeting, a number of issues were highlighted as both parties called for stronger collaborations between the two nations as it relates to rice trade.

Bruno Sempio, Chairman of the European Rice Company EUROCOM expressed interest in investment opportunities among the two countries, alluding to the high quality of Guyana’s rice.

Another area of interest expressed by the delegation is research and development through the propagation of new lines of rice varieties, which will offer not only higher yields but greater disease resistant properties.

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder, in welcoming the collaboration said that rice research and development remains an integral part of rice development and as such, Guyana continues to boost its capabilities.

Another area for future collaboration will be the improvement of pesticide management and control in Guyana.

 Guyana’s rice exports increased by six percent during the period January to October 2015 as compared with the corresponding period for 2014. However, the industry is forced to deal with a significant fall in world market price that has affected export earnings. This is being further compounded by an overabundance of supply.

In 2015 exports reached an all-time high of 501,208 metric tonnes, compared to 394,988 metric tonnes of rice in 2013. Guyana was also exporting to 32 countries in 2014, as markets were secured in Panama, Belize, Nicaragua, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, among others,

The EU team consisted of Mr. Bruno Sempio, Chairman of the European Rice Company EUROCOM, Mr. Romano Mincini, technical advisor to EUROCOM, Mr. Miguel Stenderup, rice trader for Sea Rice and Mr. Jean-Pierre BRUN of Marius Brun and Fils Rice Brokers. The team will also be visiting rice fields and factories in Regions 2, 5 and 6. The team was accompanied by Mr. Roopnarine Sukhai, Managing Director of Sea Rice Guyana and Mr. Mohammed Ali, Operations Manager of Sea Rice Guyana.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer