After more than a decade, GuySuCo within reach of realising a second crop target

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco) is just about 13,000 tonnes away from achieving its 2015 sugar target of 227,443 tonnes. This production could be easily achieved in less than two weeks if industrial action is put on hold.

 Chief Executive (CEO) of the corporation, Errol Hanomansaid the company could even go on to make another 6,000 tonnes which would take production to 233, 361tonnes for the year.

The last time GuySuCo achieved a second crop target was in 2004, according to the CEO.

He told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that on Saturday some workers of the East Demerara estates (Enmore and LBI) went on strike over the Annual Production Incentive (API) offered by the corporation.

Hanoman said that talks on Friday with the Guyana Agricultural Workers’ Union (GAWU), regarding the APIwere left unfinished, after GAWU indicated that they wished to meet with their membership with regards the API offer.

He said he was surprised that what took place after was that workers were encouraged to strike. GuySuCo is offering 2.7 days API which will be paid by March 2016. However, this was rejectedby GAWU.

According to Hanoman, a large number of workers did not want to strike.He said the corporation is awaiting theirreturn and is encouraging them to maximisetheir earnings and to take the crop off.

GuySuco is confident it will reach its individual and overall targets, irrespective of the present industrial action by some workers. As of today, production stood at 133,146 tonnes for the second crop, while the year- to -date total stood at 214, 290 tonnes.

Hanoman also pointed out that a ‘strike action’ in the interim is really a breach of the Law, since whenever there is an impasse, arbitration is the next step.

Thus far, strike actions have not been wide spread. The CEO pointed out that on Sunday, sugar workers from Blairmont Estate, West Bank Berbice (WBB), stayed home while Skeldon workers went on strike today, but indicated they will return to work tomorrow. Rosehall factory workers also downed tools today.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer