Rice production continues its record-breaking trend

Despite challenges, including unusual weather patterns, the high cost of inputs and unfavourable market conditions, Guyana’s rice industry continues to progress steadily.

Acting, (ag) General Manager (GM) Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Nizam Hassan has reported that with approximately seven percent of lands left to harvest, Guyana’s rice farmers have already surpassed the 2014 production by 9.6 percent.

Hassan told the Government Information Agency that as of November 6, paddy production stood at 1,017, 741 metric tonnes, which is equivalent to 661,532 metric tonnes of rice. Paddy production for 2014 was 977, 289 metric tonnes, and the rice equivalent was 635, 238 metric tonnes.

The year 2014 was deemed a successful oner for the sector, with rice production coming in at 635,238 metric tonnes. This was an increase by almost 100,000 metric tonnes from the previous year that recorded 535,555 metric tonnes.

Rice production for 2013 exceeded the 422,057 tonnes produced in 2012, thereby showing an increase of 25.43 percent. The 2012 rice production grew by five percent over the 2011 output.

Positive strides in the rice sector are part of the current Government’s steady focus for making possible the ‘good life’ for all Guyanese.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer