Agri. Minister calls on Guyanese entrepreneurs to develop products to brand Guyana.

Minister of Agriculture the Honourable Noel Holder in underscoring the  importance of branding Guyana, has echoed a call for entrepreneurs to come up with initiatives which would not only sell Guyana  but also look at exports for its non-traditional products.

He indicated that in order for Guyana to move into a new era and have its place in the international arena; the country needs to brand itself through its products.

Minister Holder noted that, “When we look at a state like Hawaii we see it being known for its pineapples and its papayas…. We have commodities right here that can be developed and promoted.”

Guyana produces one of the world’s most popular rums, the El Dorado Rum, which has been winning awards in numerous competitions in the United Kingdom and Canada for many years, but there remains an issue with supply.

“Currently we do not have the capacity to supply the quantity of some of our products that would enable us to enter into large export deals with some nations. However, I think it can be achieved in the future.” Minister Holder said.

The Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to explore new industries, while developing existing ones, to satisfy the needs of regional and international markets. Once the supply is achieved then products can be exported and Guyana can be recognised as the home of that commodity.

Currently, systems are being put in place to further develop areas in the hinterland for agricultural activities. Once these initiatives are fully implemented new larger farm lands can be developed to plant crops on a much larger scale. This will see Guyana being able to satisfy the demand of these larger markets and have products being recognised as a specialised product from Guyana.


Corey Young

Systems Development Officer