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Step 1: –      Request for an import permit and completion of import permit  application form by the importer.

  1. Importers of dogs and cats are asked to submit health and vaccination records.
  2. First time importers of horses are asked to attend an interview and submit pedigree records.

Step 2:-  Determination and granting of import permit for the particular species:

The following are considered:

  1. Type and Species of animal to be imported.
  2. Diseases status of country and Region from which animal or bird is imported.
  3. Whether import(s) is/are permitted from the country in question.
  4. Ability of the country and importer to fulfill the requirements for importation.
  5. The level of risk posed by the importation.
  6. Vaccination status of the animal i.e. (dogs, cats).

Step 3:– Preparation of permit and specifying conditions of import by the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (three (3) working days).

Signatures of approval: – Senior Veterinary Officer or Veterinary Officer  so designated, Chief Executive Officer or Deputy Chief Executive Officer with his seal.  

Step 4:        The permit is collected by the applicant or an individual on their   behalf (Valid       authorization must be presented in case of latter).


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