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GMCMission Statement: Coordinate and facilitate the development and marketing of quality agricultural produce and product”.

Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) is a government corporation established under section 46 of the Public Corporations Act, Cap 19:05 of the Laws of Guyana.

Guyana Marketing Corporation is sometimes referred to as the “New” Guyana Marketing Corporation (New GMC). This is because, in 1985, the policy of the Guyana Marketing Corporation was changed. There was a total cessation of all buying and selling operations, and the corporation was charged with the responsibility of providing marketing services to stakeholders (farmers, agro-processors, exporters) of the non-traditional agricultural sector. The corporation achieves its mandate through the following departments:

Marketing Information Centre:

  • Provides market and marketing information on market opportunities Locally, Regionally and Internationally;
  • Provides a match-making service linking buyers and sellers;
  • Advises on the availability of produce, freight and other marketing matters;
  • Provides a one-stop desk for export documentation of non-traditional agricultural produce
  • Conducts market studies for local and overseas markets;
  • Participates in trade fairs, and expositions to promote Guyana’s fresh fruits and vegetables, and agro-processed products;
  • Assists exporters with registering with the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Bioterrorism Legislation;
  • Conducts training for farmers, exporters & other stakeholders;
  • Monitors daily wholesale and retail prices from local markets;
  • Conducts analyses of data on prices, export volumes, etc;

Guyana Shop:

  • Promotes the sale and consumption of locally produced and manufactured non-traditional agricultural produce and products;
  • Supports the development of micro and small agri-businesses.

Packaging Facilities:

  • Provides facilities for the preparation of fresh produce for export;
  • Provides facilities for the transportation of fresh produce from farm to packhouse, and from packhouse to ports of export;
  • Provides cold storage facilities;
  • Provides advice on the methods of preparation for fresh fruits and vegetables for export.


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